If you have a home in Ann Arbor and you want to sell that home for a higher price, you need to do some simple home improvement projects. There many things you can do to improve the overall look and feel of your home. You need your home to stand from the crowd so that more potential buyers will be interested to buy your home. Here are some tips to improve the look of your home and sell it for more:


Painting is one basic thing that you need to do before selling your Ann Arbor homes. As with many homes, if you never renew your painting, your home will likely have dull color. That’s why it is important to paint your home to give it a new look. Make sure to invest on a good quality paint that will not easily get dull.

Replace broken things

Find some things that you need to fix in your home. Check the windows, check the doors, and check the furniture. Do you need to fix them? If you need to fix any of those things, then you need to do it. You don’t want your potential buyer to look at those broken things.

Eliminate all clutters

Make your home as comfortable as possible by eliminating all clutters that you find. Remove unnecessary things in your home and throw them away. Clutters will only make your home undesirable and looks messy

Clean your home thoroughly

Before selling your Ann Arbor property, you have to clean your home thoroughly. It is important to present a clean home to your potential buyer. Remember, clean home adds value to your Ann Arbor real estate.

Replace the floor

If you see that some parts of the floor are broken, you have to fix them immediately or replace your floor altogether. If you have a nice floor and nice wall, people will be comfortable to be on your home.

Remove your family stuffs

You must remove all your family stuffs prior to selling your home. You don’t want your potential buyers to see that you still want to live in that home. So, remove pictures and paintings that belong to your family.

Beautify your garden

Can you improve the exterior of your home? Yes, you can do it by changing the look of your garden. Check out your garden and think about the necessary improvement that you need to do with the garden. The point should be to beautify your garden.

Improve the look of your kitchen and bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom are what your potential buyers usually look before consider buying your home. So, you need to improve the look of your kitchen and bathroom. Make sure that they are neatly organized and not messy.

Those are some necessary things that you need to improve before selling your Ann Arbor home. So, if you want to increase the value of your home, you have to do some home improvement projects before presenting your home to your potential buyers.