Moving from one house to another will definitely involve a lot of work. The idea of packing your stuff so you can ship them somewhere else, only to unpack them and put it in the new house can already be tiresome, but it is nothing compared to the actual moving. You can try looking for long distance movers to assist you with it, especially if you do not have a vehicle that is big enough to carry all of your stuff. It is, however, wise to check out moving estimates first before contacting anybody. Your local movers may not be enough for a long distance trip so make sure that you ask for local moving quotes first from several moving companies so you can choose the most appropriate service package that is suitable for your needs. Remember, you are trusting your stuff to be handled by other people so try to also check the quality of service that the moving company has by asking around people who were able to use their services. Internet is also and always will be a good tool for research. Make use of this to your advantage so you know that your stuffs are safe.