Steps To A Body Shop Repair

Just like anything else in life, which requires a good deal of effort, there will be a process, which you should follow to ensure things are done accurately and completely. Auto repair is not an exception. From initial accident repair to insurance claims, several things should be addressed. For instance, you can check All Tune & Lube – cheapest oil changes in town. In this post, you will learn some of the steps to give you peace of mind when your vehicle gets repaired.

Getting an estimate

In large auto retg2w3ed6cyw37eu282pair shops, they are equipped to handle different types of repairs. They can provide you with accurate estimates. They have tools that enter all information about repairs in the computerized estimating system. A report will be then generated outlining work, which out to be done plus the costs involved.

Insurance approval

After getting the estimate, you need to obtain approval from your insurance company. Their representatives will inspect your vehicle and prepare their estimates for comparisons. It is important for the body shop to work with the insurance company to ensure the estimates are in line with what the insurance company is ready to pay.


In some instances, there is a need for additional charges as a result of extra damage, which is found if your car is disassembled for repair. When that happens, photos are taken to see the extent of the damage. Then the insurance company is contacted for approval of these additional repairs.

Ordering parts

Before any particular work starts, you will be required to come with your car for repairs. Some parts will then be ordered to ensure they are available as the work begins. This will ensure that repairs are done quite quickly and efficiently with minimal inconvenience to the customers. In some instances, you may be required to place special orders for the parts that are not available locally. This is likely to increase repair time.

Frame repair

Large car repair shops have sophisticated repair systems, which enable them to accurately and carefully measure, align, and measure the frame of your car. This is necessary to restore it to the original manufacturer specifications.

Body repair

Depending on the tg2wed6cy2w3e7du28i22extent of damage to the car, you may need to carry out extensive body repair. This process involves replacement of damaged exterior parts and any necessary metal finishing.


After carrying out all repairs and your car has been repainted, you will need to reassemble all the parts, which were removed or repaired.