What to consider when hiring a limo service

What to consider when hiring a limo service

Limousine services are scattered across the country, but not all of them rate high on customer satisfaction. It pays to know what to look for because there’s the risk of paying more than you should and being held liable for damages.

The following is what to consider when hiring limos in charlotte.

Features, amenities, and fleet

Limo rentals offer standard amenities, but some may go out of their way to provide more. Others have less. Don’t go by what you assume will be provided but make detailed inquiries. Imagine planning a fun night out only to find the limo doesn’t have an entertainment system or glassware for the drinks.

What you can ordinarily expect is a television, CD/DVD player, sound system, mini bar or at least a small glass cabinet, plush seats, and carpets. Drinks may or may not be available, but you can ask for the same.

2222lkjNext is the fleet, and it should consist of several vehicles. Most rentals also hire out other vehicles like SUVs and city cars which can be beneficial if you need to rent more than one type of car. Aside from variety, the vehicles should be well-maintained in both looks and function. Cleanliness is all-important so check for debris and stains when making an inspection. Ask for a quick test drive especially for occasions like weddings when several cars may need to be hired, and nothing can go wrong.


This is probably the biggest factor to consider because no business builds an excellent reputation for bad service. The best possible way to know for sure is to ask people you know who’ve had to use a limo rental in the past. They’ll give you the good and the bad, so you have no unreasonable expectations. Don’t rely solely on official testimonials.
Reputation also makes itself known online. Forums and blogs are perfect sites to visit for a real take on what different rentals offer. Narrow the search down to those in your area and check and crosscheck selections.

Cost structure

Price matters as it’s the single biggest aspect influencing your decision. There is no minimum or maximum rate; it all depends on location and how many rentals serve a particular area. What’s more important is the amenities included in the price. In most cases, gratuity, if any, and a surcharge is not reflected in the rates listed on websites. They’re added when you make inquiries or ask to see a tariff. The same goes for drinks and snacks which are provided at additional cost.

When selecting a limo rental make sure you know and understand the tariff system and terms and conditions. Renting it for an hour may not make much difference but hiring one for several hours or as part of a long-term arrangement will add up to a considerable amount. Cost goes up if refreshments are to be served.


333lkjThis is critical because some rentals don’t have any. An insured vehicle keeps you from having to pay for damages that may be inflicted during use even if they weren’t intentional. Don’t be fooled by a service advertising dirt cheap rates either; it may not have insurance, and you could end up spending a lot in the event of an accident. Don’t just make inquiries but ask to see proof of the service’s liability insurance.